Anya Taylor-Joy at “Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga” Screening in Los Angeles

Anya Taylor-Joy outfit

Acne Studios Fall 2024

Tiffany & Co. x Elsa Peretti Cabochon Ring

Anya Taylor-Joy, the acclaimed actress known for her roles in “The Queen’s Gambit” and “Emma,” has been turning heads with her bold and daring fashion choices. The young star has been embracing a more edgy and experimental style, showcasing her versatility and confidence on the red carpet.

One of the standout looks that has garnered significant attention is Taylor-Joy’s embrace of BDSM-inspired outfits. She has been seen donning leather corsets, harnesses, and other bondage-influenced pieces that exude a sense of power and sensuality. These fashion statements have been interpreted as a reflection of the actress’s willingness to challenge societal norms and explore the boundaries of self-expression.

Beyond her BDSM-inspired looks, Taylor-Joy has also been spotted in other edgy ensembles that showcase her unique style. She has been seen in sleek, monochromatic outfits, as well as pieces that incorporate unexpected elements like asymmetrical cuts and dramatic silhouettes. These fashion choices have cemented her status as a style icon, with fans eagerly anticipating her next sartorial statement.