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Ashish Bhatia is an Indian choreographer, rapper, actor and dancer. Ashish was brought into the limelight after he came as a runner-up in the reality TV show, MTV Splitsvilla, Season 12. He is also a content creator and is well-known among his fans for his funny vines. He is a vlogger and a YouTuber as well. Ashish, in 2022, participated in Roadies, Season 18.


Ashish Bhatia was born on Sunday, 11 June 1995 (age 27 years; as of 2022) in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. Ashish completed his schooling at The Doon School, Dehradun. After completing his schooling, he, in 2013, enrolled at the Uttaranchal University; from where he earned a Bachelor of Computer Application degree.

Education qualification according to his official Facebook account

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 10″

Weight (approx.): 80 kg

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Dark Brown

Body Measurements (approx.): 40-32-15


Ashish Bhatia belongs to a family from Uttarakhand.

Parents & Siblings

His father’s name is Bunty Bhatia. He is a businessman by profession.

Ashish Bhatia with his father, Bunty Bhatia

His mother’s name is Poonam Bhatia. She is a homemaker.

Mother of Ashish, Poonam Bhatia

His sister’s name is Tanisha Bhatia.

Tanisha Bhatia, sister of Ashish Bhatia


Ashish Bhatia dated Nishtha Pandey. She is a model and an athlete by profession.

Ashish Bhatia with Nishtha Pandey

Ashish Bhatia is presently dating Miesha Iyer. She is an actor, model and a VJ. The couple came runner-up in Splitsvilla, Season 12.

Ashish Bhatia with Miesha Iyer


Career as a content creator

Ashish began his career by posting Vines on his Instagram account. He made vines with his family members. It was because of his vines, that Ashish’s fan following increased manifold. In 2017, Ashish made a vine titled, What is GST? The vine became one of his best vines. In it, he mimicked Faizal Khan, a character played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the film, Gangs Of Wasseypur.

Ashish Bhatia in the vine titled, What Is GST?

In the same year, Ashish Bhatia uploaded another vine titled, When Boys Try To Impress Girls At Gym And Get Trolled. The vine was viewed by a large number of Ashish’s fans.

Ashish Bhatia in When Boys Try To Impress Girls Of Gym vine

Ashish, in 2017, published several other famous vines such as Indian Moms Be Like, Shopping With Mom, Brother-Sister Relationship and many more.

Ashish Bhatia’s vine titled, Indian Moms Be Like

Ashish Bhatia in Shopping With Mom vine

A still from Ashish’s vine titled Brother-Sister Relationship

In 2018, Ashish made another vine titled, New Year Resolution.

Ashish Bhatia in New Year Resolution

Career as a model

Apart from being a content creator, Ashish is a well-known model too. Throughout his modelling career, Ashish has advertised for several well-known global brands. In 2020, Ashish Bhatia was seen in the ads of renowned companies such as Candyman Fantastik, OPPO India, Realme and Reliance Trends.

Ashish Bhatia in the Candyman Fantastik ad

Ashish Bhatia in OPPO India’s advertisement

Ashish Bhatia in the Realme ad

Ashish Bhatia modelling for Reliance Trends

Ashish, in 2021, was featured in the advertisements for Coca-Cola and KFC.

Ashish Bhatia in the Coca-Cola commercial

Ashish modelling for a KFC ad

Establishing himself as a talented dancer

Ashish Bhatia is a talented dancer as well. His participation in the show, Dance India Dance, Season 4, catapulted his career. From there, he established himself as a talented dancer and gained huge popularity.

Ashish Bhatia in DID Season 4

Owing to his dancing skills, he has been invited to several dance competitions, either as a judge or as a participant. Ashish, in 2017, judged several dance competitions such as Dance+, Voice & Dance of Muzaffarpur and the Season 2 of The Grand Show, which was held in Punjab.

Ashish Bhatia as a judge in Dance+

Ashish Bhatia as a judge in the Voice & Dance of Muzaffarpur

Poster of Grand Show (Season 2)

In 2017, Ashish Bhatia was invited by the Doon Business School in Uttarakhand, to perform in the fest, Flash Mob Choreo.

Ashish performing at Flash Mob Choreo fest

Ashish has been a judge in different dance competitions conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). Ashish Bhatia, in 2017, judged a dancing competition, StepUp, which was organised by IIT Roorkee. In 2018, Ashish was invited as a judge by IIT Banaras.

Ashish Bhatia performing while judging StepUp at IIT Roorkee

Ashish while judging a dance competition at IIT Banaras

In 2018, he was invited to participate in Showcase; a dance competition.

Poster of Showcase

In 2019, Ashish performed on the dance reality TV show, Nach Baliye.

Ashish Bhatia performing at Nach Baliye

Ashish also performed at a live concert titled, Temptation. The concert took place in 2020.

Poster of Temptation Concert

A budding rapper

Ashish is also a rapper. His famous rap song titled, Jal Bete Jal, garnered huge appreciation and views from his fans. The rap was released in 2019.

A still from his rap video Jal Bete Jal

In 2020, Ashish Bhatia collaborated with the D-Gang, which is a rap band, and released a rap song titled, Da Desi Toli.

Poster of Ashish Bhatia and D-Gang’s rap song Da Desi Toli

Later in 2020, Ashish released another rap song titled, Number One; featuring Prince Narula.

Poster of Number One

In the same year, Ashish was featured in Rahul Jain’s Hindi love song titled, Aawazein.

Poster of Aawazein

Ashish Bhatia also made a rap upon his journey from Splitsvilla to Roadies. The rap song titled, Haar Ke Bhi Jeet Gaya Mai, was released in 2020.

Poster of Ashish Bhatia’s rap, Haar Ke Bhi Jeet Gaya Mai

In 2022, Ashish, through his rap song, Corona Ka Asar, covered different aspects of the Corona Virus pandemic.

A still from the rap, Corona Ka Asar

Participating in the reality shows

Ashish Bhatia made his first appearance on reality TV shows with his participation in India’s Got Talent. In 2016, Ashish, along with his dance crew, participated in the show.

A snip from a newspaper when Ashish had participated in India’s Got Talent

In 2019, he cleared the auditions for the show, Splitsvilla and was a runner-up, along with his partner Miesha Iyer.

Ashish Bhatia in MTV Splitsvilla

In 2022, he participated in another, famous reality TV show, MTV Roadies. He, before season 18, had also participated in Roadies: Real Heroes, Season 16.

Ashish Bhatia in MTV Roadies


In 2016, Ashish Bhatia, while studying at Uttaranchal University, was awarded for being a star performer. He was also awarded a trophy for being the best dancer. The awards were received by him at a fest, which was organised by Uttaranchal University.

Awards that were given to Ashish during Uttaranchal University Fest

Bike Collection

  • Ashish Bhatia owns a Royal Enfield.

    Ashish Bhatia with his Royal Enfield

  • Ashish Bhatia also owns a KTM Duke.

    Ashish Bhatia with his KTM Duke

Car Collection

  • Ashish Bhatia owns a Mercedes-Benz C Class.

    Ashish Bhatia with his Mercedes-Benz C Class

  • Ashish Bhatia owns a Mercedes-Benz SUV.

    Ashish Bhatia with his Mercedes-Benz SUV

  • Ashish Bhatia owns also owns an Audi.

    Ashish Bhatia with his Audi


  • Ashish Bhatia is a choreographer. He owns a dance academy named, Lets Dance Academy in Dehradun.

    Ashish Bhatia teaching his students in his Lets Dance Academy

  • Ashish Bhatia has conducted many live rap concerts for his fans in different parts of the country. He has conducted shows in places like Mumbai, Kolkata and Karnataka.

    Ashish Bhatia rapping during a live concert

  • Ashish Bhatia, in 2021, trained at the base camp of Mount Everest, with the intent of climbing Mount Everest for the World Vlog Challenge.

    Ashish while training at the base camp of Mount Everest

  • Ashish Bhatia is also known to have cultivated a close relationship with the host of Splitsvilla, Rannvijay Singha.

    Ashish with Rannvijay

  • Ashish is also a famous Youtuber. He owns a YouTube channel that has 456k subscribers (as of May 2022).

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