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Baba Ramdev
Baba Ramdev

Bio Data / Biography

 Baba Ramdev is an Indian yoga guru and known for his ayurveda company Patanjali run with his colleague Balkrishna, He is the owner of Patanjali Ayurveda with his friend Balkrishna. Ramdev celebrated his birthday on 25th December and the age of his 55 years old as of 2020. He makes a famous brand of Patanjali very fast and net worth is $5 billion dollar as of 2020. He has property in abroad like in Scotland has an Island

Baba Ramdev with Balkrishna
Baba Ramdev with Balkrishna
Genuine Name   Ramkishen Yadav
Pet & Nickname Baba Ji, Baba Ramdev, Swami Ji, Yoga Guru
Profession Line Yoga Guru, Businessman (Patanjali)
Matrimony Unmarried

Morphology (Physical Appearance)

baba ramdev yoga
Weight 85 kg
187 pounds
Height       173 centimeters
1.73 meters
5’feet 8’’inches  
Eye Color   Black  
Hair Color   Black  
Skin Color Almond

Career Path

One day some saints were came in his village and they teach some religious messages, then he inspired and decided to become a saint.

In 2003, On Aastha TV he featured as a yoga guru and takes spiritual classes in which he gave yoga tips to improved health.

He takes 2 hours daily session on Aashtha Channel and beat the movies, news channel and reality shows in 2003, around 26 million viewers to preferred the show.

In Pranayama program he gave and teaches 7 key of breathing exercises- Bhastrika Pranayam, Kapal Bhati Pranayam, Bahaya Pranayam, Anulom Vilom Pranayam, Bhramri Pranayam, Udgeeth Pranayam and Pranab Dwani.

patanjali center haridwar

He build Patanjali Yogpeeth in Haridwar (Uttarakhand) in 2006, which one of the world’s biggest centre in which around 6000 people learned Yoga and Aurveda simultaneously.

maharishi patanjali

The name Patanjali taken for his business industry from Maharishi Patanjali father of yoga he considered a guru also.

Regarding business first time one Scotland Based NRI gave the loan for business to start the Patanjali Industry.

In Patanjali Ayurveda industry his colleague Acharya Balkrishna holds 94% stake and does not takes any salary, rest of 8% stakes of Patanjali given to Sarwan and Sunita Poddar.


 West Bengal Public Health Laboratory in Kolkata has declared his Patanjali product Amla and Aloe vera Juice unfit for consumption.

pk hindu baba ramdev

The famous personality Aamir Khan movie ‘PK’ he urged to stop the movie and exclamation of movie due to insulting the Hinduism in movie.

In June 2020, fake Ayurveda medicine Coronil he launced and claimed that it cure the patience of Covid 19, but on launching he faced criticism and trolled on media on fake medice. Coronil is not well tested medicine that’s way some people of Jaipur filed a complaint against Ramdev on advertisement of Coronil without any test certificate and approvel of government.

Personal Life (History)

 Ramdev was born in Haryana in Hindu family which depends only farming absolutely his father was a farmer. In the age of childhood when Baba was 2-3 years old he was paralyzed and recovered with the help of Yoga practiced on daily basis.

Due to some medical reason behind this he got paralytic attack on left side of his body but he recovers.

When Baba played with his sister in the age of 6, he fell on the ground and injured his head seriously and bleeding blood for long time, he almost stood on the verge of dying, after meditation and yoga he recovered it all the injuries and lived as a normal boy.


In next year when he turned 7, he drowns in village pond but villagers saved his. The incident was happened when he playing nearby pond with his friend and he fell in pond and started drown in pond water.

 In early times in his childhood in the age of 8, he was overweight and faces problems in walking, everyone teased and calling fatty (mote) but later he starts practicing yoga.

In school days somebody blamed his to stealing the oil and his father was beating without the knowing matter and truth of incident.

Ramdev study till 8th class after he enrolled in gurukul to learned Sanskrit and Yoga, under the instruction of Acharya Baldev Ji in Gurukul Kalwa, became a member of Arya Samaj.

He changed his name after when he became a Sanyasi (Hermit) from Ramkishen to Ramdev in the suggestion of Swami Shankar Dev Ji, he was called Baba or Swami Ramdev.

Baba taught is very deep and different in gurukul of Haridwar, he study deeply of hindu scripture books and sleep on the floor, wearing wooden footwears.

ramdev with girl
Date of birth   25th December 1965 (Saturday)
Age   55 years (as in 2020)  
Birth Place   Saidalipur, Mahendragarh, East Punjab (Now Haryana), India
Birth & Zodiac sign   Capricorn (based on date of birth)  
Nationality   Indian  
Caste OBC
Religion   Hinduism  
Hometown Destiny    Said Alipur, Mahendragarh, Haryana, India
Political Attachment Bharatiya Janata Party BJP
School Academy   A Govt. School Shahazadpur, Haryana
College Name   Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar, Uttarakhand (India)
Last Qualification 8th Standard
Food & Dietary habits   Vegetarian
Interest & Hobbies   Singing, Playing Games specially outdoor, Travelling
Honors Doctorate by Kalinga Institute of Industrial Industry, Bhubneshwar
Net Worth $9.3 billion dollar (60,000 crores) as in 2018

Family & Ancestor

ramdev brother
Mother Gulabo Devi
Father Ram Nivas Yadav (Farmer)
Brother Ram Bharat worked with brother company as a CEO of Patanjali Ayurveda
Sisters  None

Favourite & Beloved thing

Food Organic Food and Vegetables,
Almonds, Cashew, peanuts  
Political Leader Narendra Modi  
Singer Lata Mangeshkar
Dress Simple Bhagwa Colored Cloth (Dhoti)
Colour Kesari

Luxury Style

 Properties/Assets- He run 34 companies with Acharya Balkrishna and annual turnover Rs. 9022 crore, net profit rises Rs. 425 crore (March 2020 report).

Aacharya Balkrishna is the 8th richest person in India his net woth is $5.1 billion dollar,

He has an island Little Cumbrae in Scotland.

baba ramdev bike

Baba with Sadhguru, riding a bike as a ghost rider

Some minor known facts about Mohammed Rafi

  •  Baba Ramdev does not smoke and drink alcohol substances due to his yoga power.
  • Along with Acharya Karamveer he established ‘Divya Yog Mandir Trust’ in 1996.
  • He eats boiled vegetables and fruits and drinks cow milk only for healthy life.
baba ramdev Narendra modi
  • PM Narendra Modi also inspired to Ramdev and meet for to learn some tips of yoga in program.
  • For boosting the immunity he takes Amla Juice (gooseberry) in morning, when he wakes up at 3 ‘o’ clock and worked 18-20 hours daily.
  • He also given suggestion to health minister regarding sex education to replace with yoga education to fight with unwanted diseases like AIDs.
baba ramdev deoband
  • He also takes yoga seminar in Deoband for addressing the muslim women and man to lived healthy life.
  •  When once he featured in TV show he revealed his story about his education how he study with second hand book and always got 1st rank in class and always keeps books very clean and sold all the previous books in market with profit.
  • While he was in school his teacher was used to smoke in class due to which Ramdev got teased his teacher, but teacher could not changed in habit to quit the smoking. But later when he became a baba, once tells in speech that how tobacco killed the human and create serious problem in lungs. After some days a letter was came to him in which teacher was written that ‘I am quitting smoking now’
  • In 1990s at Tripura Yoga Ashram Kankhal, Haridwar he met Acharya Balkrishna later both of study together in Himalayas, where Ramdev focused on yoga and Balakrishna became an expert in Aurveda.
baba ramdev shilpa shetty
  • The famous celebrities also learned yoga and did exercise with baba like Shilpa Shetty and Amitabh Bachchan.
baba ramdev anna hazare
  •  Ramdev also makes interest in politics and protested against the Indian National Congress and contribute in protest with Anna Hazare in launch of Jan Lokpal Bill in 2011 and also speak about Indian economy, Black Money and History of India.

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