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Hasan Raheem is a Pakistani vocalist and lyricist. He sings songs in subtle, laid-back R&B, and rap genres. Hasan Raheem was one of the participants of the local musical show Coke Studio in 2022. Hasan Raheem is a professional MBBS doctor.


Hasan Raheem was born on Sunday, 2 August 1998 (age 24 years; as of 2021) in Gilgit, Pakistan. His zodiac sign is Leo. Hasan Raheem earned his MBBS degree at Bahria University Medical & Dental College, Karachi, Pakistan, in 2021.

An Instagram post by Hasan Raheem after completing his MBBS degree in 2021

Physical Appearance

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Black


Parents & Siblings

His father is a retired army officer, and his mother is a homemaker. Hasan Raheem has two siblings, and he is the eldest of the three siblings.


He is not married.


In 2022, Hasan Raheem posted his picture on social media along with his girlfriend.

Hasan Raheem with his girlfriend


In 2020, Hasan Raheem released his first song ‘Aisay Kaisay.’ In the following year, he released the song Joona. Later, the popular songs released by Hasan Raheem were Aarzu (2021), Sar Phira (2022), and Sun Le Na (2022). According to Hasan Raheem, he keeps his songs simple and straight. In a conversation with a media house, Hasan stated that he liked to write songs that connect to the listeners directly. He stated,

I pour my feelings into my music. I try to keep it as simple as possible so that anyone who listens to my songs can connect with them. I keep it straightforward so that everyone understands what I have to say.”

Hasan Raheem performs live singing shows and concerts in Pakistan.

Hasan Raheem while performing at a live musical concert in Pakistan

In 2022, Hasan Raheem participated in the local musical show Coke Studio.

Hasan Raheem while performing at Coke Studio

Apart from being a singer, Hasan Raheem is also a professional dentist.

An Instagram post by Hasan Raheem stating that he is an MBBS


  • Hasan Raheem occasionally enjoys smoking cigarettes.

    Hasan Raheem while smoking cigarette

  • Hasan Raheem was in his fifth standard when he started attending live music bands and concerts. In school, Hasan Raheem used to participate in various singing competitions and cultural shows.
  • Hasan Raheem remains very active on Instagram and Twitter. More than 141k people follow him on Instagram, and 20.2k people follow him on Twitter. His YouTube channel has more than 125k subscribers.
  • At the Pakistan International Screen Awards (PISA), which were organised on 6 November 2021, Hasan Raheem was conferred with the Breakthrough Artist of the Year award.

    Hasan Raheem posing with the Breakthrough Artist of the Year award in 2021

  • According to Hasan Raheem, he likes shooting as a recreational activity.

    Hasan Raheem while practising shooting

  • Hasan Raheem maintains a balance between his patients and music. In a conversation with a media house, Hasan Raheem revealed that he was committed to both medical and music fields. he stated,

    Remained committed to medical school and currently balances his time working with his patients (during his house job) and after work hours, making slick, catchy beats.”

  • Hasan Raheem often goes to the gym to work out. He often posts pictures of his workout sessions at the gym.

    Hasan Raheem at a gym

  • According to a media house, Hasan Raheem stated in a conversation that he was a reserved and shy person.

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