Keanu Reeves Net Worth, Age, Girlfriend, Family, Biography & More

Net Worth $380 Million
Name Keanu Reeves
Date of Birth 2 September 1964
Age 57 Years
Gender Male

Keanu Reeves Net Worth

$380 Million

Keanu Reeves aka Keanu Charles Reeves is an American actor, producer, writer, and director. As of 2022, Keanu Reeves’s net worth is $380 million. He began his career with Coca-Cola commercials and small appearances on television and later went on to star in hot and critically acclaimed movies like The Matrix franchise, The John Wick series, and other movies like The Devil’s advocate, Sweet November, etc. He is a sought-after actor in Hollywood and is a name to reckon with in the American film and television industry. He is also a part of a Series titled Swedish Dicks. He is very fond of music and also had a band called Dogstar. They released two albums over a course of a decade-long career.

He is active on social media and has a good fan following there. He also supports a lot of charities and has authored two poetry books as well. He is all set to star in the upcoming Matrix and Kohn Wick movies.

Keanu Reeves Wiki/Biography

Born on 2 September 1964, Keanu’s age is 57 years as of 2022. He comes from a working-class family from Beirut. He was born in Beirut and was raised in New York. He is multicultural and has Canadian nationality.

He has completed his schooling from Etobicoke School of arts. He was expelled from there. Subsequently, he went to De La Salle College and he played a lot of ice hockey there. After that, he went o Avondale secondary alternative school. He moved to LA when he was 17 and got a green card through his American stepfather. He also held a job at the Hedgerow Theatre in Pennsylvania. He also took part in a play called Damn Yankees.

Family, Girlfriend & Relationships

Keanu Reeves’s father’s name is Samuel Nowlin Reeves and Patricia Reeves. His mother is a costume designer and a performer. His father was from Hawaii. Keanu’s mother was working in Beirut when she met Keanu’s father. He later abandoned his wife when Keanu was only three years old. Keanu and his mother then moved to Australia MD subsequently went to New York where she got married to Paul Aaron. She got married two more times after that. Keanu and his sisters were often taken care of by nannies.

He has three siblings namely Kim Reeves, Emma Reeves and Karina Miller.

His marital status is unmarried. He is currently in a relationship with Alexandra Grant.  He has also been linked to model China Chow and film maker Brenda Davis.

In 1999 her girlfriend Jennifer Syme and Keanu were expecting their child when it was born in the eighth month as a stillborn. She died in a car crash in 2001 when he was scheduled to shoot the matrix sequel.

Keanu Reeves Net Worth Summary

As of 2022, Keanu Reeves’s net worth is approximately $380 million. He mainly earns as a comedian, performer, actor, writer and a producer. He has worked for almost thirty years and is a name to reckon with in the Hollywood film industry.

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