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Leo Kalyan is a British Pakistani singer, musician, model, and music producer. Leo Kalyan is known for his singles and music videos like Fucked Up, Daydream, Fingertips, Outside In, and many more.


Leo Kalyan was born on Saturday, 14 January 1989  (age 33 years; as of 2022) in London, United Kingdom. His zodiac sign is Capricorn. His hometown is Lahore, Pakistan.

Leo Kalyan’s childhood picture

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 9″

Weight (approx.): 60 kg

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown


Leo Kalyan belongs to a Muslim family.

Leo Kalyan with his family

Parents & Siblings

The information on Leo Kalyan’s father’s name is not available yet. Leo Kalyan’s mother, Salma Siddiqui, is a former biology teacher and author.

Leo Kalyan with his mother

He has two sisters Numrah Siddiqui and Samirah Siddiqui.

Leo Kalyan’s sister Numrah Siddiqui

Leo Kalyan’s sister, Samirah Siddiqui

Leo has a brother, Saif Siddiqui.

Leo Kalyan with his father, mother, and brother

Sexual Orientation

Leo Kalyan describes himself as a queer and prefers the pronouns he, she and they for his gender. In an interview, he said,

It takes real strength to be a queer person. You go through so much shit – so much discrimination, abuse and rejection – whether you’re black, white or brown. Find that strength, find that support from your community – and find a way to be your true self… because you’ve only got one life. There’s no point wasting it trying to be someone else.”


Leo Kalyan is in a relationship with his boyfriend, Manasa.

Leo Kalyan with his boyfriend, Manasa

Religion/Religious Views

Leo Kalyan follows Islam.


Signature of Leo Kalyan



In 2013, Leo Kalyan made his debut with the cover song of Need U 100% by British musician and DJ Duke Dumont. In 2014, he released a few singles like Breathe, Over You, Stranger, Fingertips, and Golden Age. In 2015, Leo Kalyan released his first extended play (EP) ‘Silver Linings’. In the same year, Leo released music videos for his few songs like Fairground, Get Your Love, and Daydream. In 2016, Leo released his second extended play ‘Outside In’ and a music video Fucked Up. Later, he released a few music videos like Focus (2018), The Edge (2018), and Time Can Wait(2019).



Leo Kalyan has performed live at several music events, stage shows, and concerts in The United Kingdom, Austin, and China.

Leo Kalyan performing at a concert in Shanghai


Leo Kalyan was presented with an award for recognizing sales in the United Kingdom of the song Head & Heart by Joel Corry.

Leo Kalyan with his award


  • Musician(s):   A. R. Rahman, Massive Attack, and Aaliyah
  • Singer(s):  Mariah Carey, Sade and Janet Jackson


Leo Kalyan has a few tattoos on his arms and a single tattoo on his chest.

Tattoos on Leo Kalyan’s arms

Tattoo on the left arm of Leo Kalyan

Tattoo on Leo Kalyan’s right arm

Tattoo on Leo Kalyan’s chest


  • Leo Kalyan dreamt of becoming a singer since childhood. In an interview, he said,

    I knew I wanted to be a singer since I first discovered I could sing when I was about 13. I kept singing secret from my family for years, to be honest. They only found out when I was singing an ‘Umrao Jaan’ song in my room when I thought no one was home. My family weren’t very supportive at first and it’s actually taken years for my dad to take it seriously and see it as a real job. He still sometimes says things like ‘why don’t you become a music lawyer or a music journalist?’ and I just have to sigh and explain how it’s not really the same thing as being an artist.

  • In June 2022, Leo Kalyan performed a few Bollywood songs like ‘Masakali’ and ‘Chura Liya Hai Tumne Jo Dil Ko’ at Sonam Kapoor‘s baby shower in London, UK. Leo shared the pictures on social media and received a lot of hate comments for wearing a strappy bodycon dress.

    Leo Kalyan shared a post on Instagram with Sonam Kapoor

    In an interview, talking about the hatred he received on social media, he said,

    Hate comments don’t bother me at all. because firstly – some of them are so genuinely funny, I share them with my friends and we laugh endlessly (laughing emoticon) also, hate comments always remind me that just by casually living my life – I’m actually CHALLENGING people and societal norms. which means: I’m doing something right.”

  • In 2019, Leo Kalyan walked the ramp for the famous designer Rahmur Rahman at London Fashion Week.

    Leo Kalyan in a photoshoot for Rahemur Rahman’s presentation at London Fashion Week

  • Leo Kalyan is half Indian and half Pakistani as his family resides in India as well as in Pakistan. In an interview, he talked about the roots of his family and said,

    I’m from South London but between the ages of 11 and 17 I lived part-time in Lahore, which is on the border between India and Pakistan. When the partition happened, some stayed in India and some went to Pakistan, so my family is on both sides, which is quite unusual.

  • Initially, Leo Kalyan used to hide his identity by not showing his face in the music videos.
  • Leo Kalyan has learnt Indian classical music. He grew up listening to a mix of Bollywood and pop music artists like A. R. Rahman, Massive Attack, Sade, and Janet Jackson.
  • Leo Kalyan was awarded PRS Music Foundation funding, which helped him travel to perform at Austin’s SXSW (South by Southwest) festival in 2016.
  • Leo Kalyan is often spotted drinking wine and smoking with his friends at parties and events.

    Leo Kalyan is seen smoking in the picture

    Leo Kalyan drinking wine

  • In an interview, Leo Kalyan talked about his journey of being a homosexual and said,

    It was a long journey and it wasn’t easy. It was a long battle with myself, with my parents, with my belief system, and I came out in stages. I came out first to my siblings, then to mum, and it was years after that when I came out to my dad. It was a slow journey, but when I came out on the other side of it, I expressed what it was to feel like you’re on the outside of the outside, in my EP ‘Outside In’.

  • In an interview, Leo Kalyan, being from a Muslim background, revealed that he doesn’t feel safe in Pakistan. Further, he said,

     I’m obviously a little more apprehensive about Pakistan than I am about India because section 377 has been overturned in India and it’s now legal to be gay, but in Pakistan, it’s not. Your rights are not protected there, and that’s scary because you could be thrown into prison just for being who you are. I have friends who are gay in Pakistan, and you just have to keep a tight lid on it. It’s not nice to say, but I became very Islamophobic, especially towards my dad and we had such awful rows because I would say such deeply disrespectful things to him about Islam.”

  • Leo Kalyan has been featured on the cover page of a few magazines like GQ (August 2020) and Avenue T (2020).

    Leo Kalyan was featured on the cover page of GQ magazine in August 2020

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