Monica Bellucci – ODDA Magazine Issue 26 “The Growth Journey” Spring Summer2024

Ahead of the release of “Beetlejuice 2” directed by partner Tim Burton, Monica steps into a regal and ornate universe created by the lens of Szilveszter Mako, before detailing passions and the importance of secrecy with Massimiliano Sortino. Casting herself with grace into the characters she plays, the coming year will see the Italian figure of heritage and beauty embodying a bride, an opera singer and a cabaret performer. Favoring the films of Federico Fellini and the humor of Italian women, Bellucci always seeks to challenge herself. Her secret? Only accepting roles that she truly values. “But you know that we don’t like to talk about precious things… When something so pleasant happens to you, you want to keep it only for yourself! Do you agree with me?” “The women of my childhood leave me with good memories. Women understand each other without speaking; just a glance is enough. It is as if there is a common soul that brings them together, that binds them.” “Perhaps it is normal when you are born in a small provincial town that protects you, but at the same time, also limits you a little–to imagine the possibility of going away and discovering the world.”