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Neha Ranglani is an Indian integrative nutritionist, dietician, blogger, writer, speaker, and a plant-based nutrition coach. She has counselled multiple people on health and weight issues.


Neha Ranglani’s family resides in Mumbai. She did her schooling at Duruelo Convent High School Mumbai, Maharashtra. She went on to pursue Bachelors in Dietetics Food and Nutrition at SNDT University (2003 – 2008). [1]Moreover, she completed Masters in Dietetics and food service management from IGNOU (2008-2011). [2] She was a bright student since childhood and scored 89% in class 10. She was interested in science but did not want to become a doctor or engineer as that would limit her to books, and her aim was to live a socially active life. At that time, Neha was confused about her career, so, to avoid her confusion, her elder sister took her to SNDT and made her choose a course of her interest. Neha, being a foodie, planed to go with food and nutrition. Earlier, Neha was criticised for choosing this course as she had scored good marks in academics, and she could have become a doctor or an engineer.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 5″

Eye Colour: Black

Hair Colour: Black

Family & Caste

Parents & Siblings

There is not much information present about Neha’s parents and siblings. Her name was Neha Chandna before marriage, and after marriage, she converted her sir name to Neha Ranglani.

Relationships & Husband

Neha is married to Riki Ranglani.

Neha Ranglani with her husband Riki Ranglani


She lives on the 2nd floor, Aroha’s Workspace, Sahana Enclave, 201, Dr Ambedkar Rd, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050.


Neha began her career as a nutritionist in 2008. After completing her graduation, she worked in some of the reputed gyms, along with some physiotherapy, and naturopathy centres. Moreover, she began with her private practice at a simple home set-up where she started helping clients dealing with weight issues, diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid, PCOS, hypertension, skin, hair problems, etc. She has an inbuilt desire to work for people dealing with health issues. In 2016, she opened her own clinic and expanded her team. Gradually, she got famous as a health influencer. She even writes health articles and recipes for famous magazines and restaurants promoting the concept of veganism.


  • Neha has her own snack brand by the name “Niramayah” that only consists of vegan products.
  • She has been honoured by Christian Chambers of Indian Commerce and is also licensed as the Reebok fitness instructor.
  • In 2016, Neha began her YouTube channel where she started uploading videos related to health issues. Soon after the launch of her YouTube channel, a new idea of “Veganism” stepped in her life. According to her, this led to a change in her ideology about fitness and life as well. Since then, she has been enlightening people about the concept of Veganism with an innovative concept of plant-based cooking and has conducted workshops on healthy plant-based cooking and recipe development for various restaurants, cafes, and health brands. She has introduced some healthy recipes for children also.
  • According to Neha, she was a sugar addict during childhood, and for this, she had to bear a lot of scoldings from her mother; moreover, her friends called her “moti.”
  • According to her, she was a chatterbox since childhood, and she still sustains this characteristic in her behaviour.
  • Neha shared that she was a non-vegetarian before she turned into a vegan, but now, she cannot tolerate its smell also. She is completely into plant-based cooking and promotes veganism.
  • She believes there is no specific low carb or keto diet that one should follow to stay fit as she does not considers it healthy; moreover, she is strictly against the use of weight loss pills and diets as they cause harm to the body. Talking about this, she also said,

    Pills, weight loss promising shakes, drinks, treatments etc are shortcuts that won’t give you lifetime results.That’s the fact!!!Because these things aren’t changing your habits or bringing a change in your overall lifestyle. They’ll surely give you instant results but by damaging your gut, liver kidney and overall health.. you some instant results and I am sure you don’t want to lose that weight at the expense of your health.So, get rid of these fad techniques and start making a holistic change with long-lasting results.”

    Neha campaigning against the use of weight loss pills and fat diets

  • She says everybody has different body requirements. There are many factors which determine if the person is healthy or not. Mental fitness is equally as important as physical fitness. Some problems are related to hormones, stress, lifestyle, etc.
  • Neha did not like to exercise while she was in school and college. After becoming a dietician, she gathered her interest in Yoga and dance and performed it with zeal.

    Neha Ranglani Performing Yoga

  • She also considers herself a chat lover, and she can have it anytime during the day even if she is full.
  • According to her, she is an extrovert and easily interacts with people.
  • She refers herself to be a clumsy eater, and she often drops food on her clothes while eating. She considers it her own way of enjoying food.
  • In 2020, Neha was introduced as the brand ambassador for “VeganuaryIndia2020” campaign by “Vegansamooh,” hence promoting veganism in India.

    Neha Ranglani as the brand ambassador for the campaign VeganuaryIndia2020


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