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Nida Khan is an Indian politician who is a well-known women rights activist in Uttar Pradesh, India. She came into the limelight soon after joining the Bharatiya Janata Party ahead of the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh in January 2022. Nida Khan runs a non-profitable organisation named Ala Hazrat Helping Society in Uttar Pradesh for the women who are the victims of Nikah Halala. She experienced the triple talaq or instant divorce from her husband within five months of her marriage.


Nida Khan was born in 1994 (age 28 years; as of 2022) in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. Nida Khan holds a graduate degree.

Physical Appearance

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Black


Parents & Siblings

Her father’s name is Masarrat Yaar Khan, and her mother’s name is Yasmin Khan. Nida Khan has a brother named Moin Khan.

Nida Khan with her brother

Husband & Children

Nida Khan got married to Sheeran Raza Khan on 18 February 2015. Sheeran Raza Khan is the nephew of Maulana Tauqeer Raza, a congress party leader in Uttar Pradesh.

Maulana Tauqeer Raza Khan

The couple got divorced in 2016.

Nida Khan on her wedding day


She follows Islam.

Life Journey


Nida Khan and her husband Sheeran Raza Khan got married on 18 February 2015. Sheeran Raza Khan’s family are the descendants of the Ala Hazrat clan of Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. The Barelvi movement in South Asia was started by Ala Hazrat, a Sufi scholar, between 1870 and 1890. Nida was in the final year of her master’s degree when she got married to Sheeran Raza Khan. Soon after her marriage, she was asked for dowry by her in-laws and experienced triple talaq or instant divorce by her husband within five months of her marriage. According to Nida Khan, her in-laws assured her before marriage that they would allow her to pursue her further education after marriage. However, she was forcefully dragged out of the examination hall by her husband in front of the teachers and policemen during her final exams. No one had the courage to stop Sheeran Raza Khan from humiliating his wife in public because Sheeran Raza belonged to a renowned family of Uttar Pradesh. Later, she started experiencing domestic violence, and once, she had a miscarriage. Soon, she became the victim of triple talaq or instant divorce on 17 July 2015 and was forced to practice Nikah Halala by her in-laws. However, she refused and left the house of her in-laws.

Ala Hazrat Helping Society

In 2016, Nida Khan founded a non-profit organisation named Ala Hazrat Helping Society in Uttar Pradesh to help and assist the Muslim women who experienced triple talaq, polygamy, domestic violence, and Nikah Halala.

Denied to register an FIR

Soon after getting the news of the second marriage of Sheeran Raza Khan, Nida Khan went to meet Sheeran’s bride to be. Nida showed her domestic violence wounds’ pictures and other dowry demanding documents to her. Nida narrated her marriage experience with this woman and succeeded in convincing her to break the marriage. Nida Khan was threatened by her furious husband for breaking his second marriage. She went to register a complaint against him. She was not allowed to lodge a complaint against Sheeran Raza Khan by the police officials. Later, with a court notice, her complaint was registered. The investigation of her case began in April 2017, and in 2018, the charge sheet was filed.

Nida Khan, displaying photographs of her wounds as evidence of domestic violence during a press conference

Fatwa against Nida Khan

Mufti Khurshid Alam, a Shahar Imam, issued a fatwa against Nida Khan in July 2018 for revolting against the Islamic practices, especially the triple talaq or instant divorce system. Soon after the issue of social boycott fatwa against her, Nida Khan stated in a conversation with a media house that India was a democratic country and if anyone wanted to issue a fatwa then they could move to Pakistan. She said,

Those issuing fatwa “should go to Pakistan”. “India is a democratic country. No one can ostracise me from Islam. Only Allah can decide who is guilty.”

The fatwa issued against Nida Khan read,

No medicines will be provided if she falls ill. If she dies, no one is allowed to offer namaz on her ‘janaza’ (funeral procession). She cannot be buried in kabristan (graveyard) after her death.”

According to the fatwa, Nida Khan was directed to leave the country in 3 days, and anybody who chops Nida Khan’s hair was announced to be paid a cash reward of Rs. 11,876.


Nida Khan entered into politics in January 2022. She received the ticket of the Bharatiya Janata Party soon before the assembly elections of Uttar Pradesh. Nida Khan appreciated the works done by Yogi Adityanath ministry for the security of Muslim women in Uttar Pradesh, and she said in the BJP press conference that women were safe under the Yogi Adityanath government. She stated,

Triple talaq was the turning point in my life, which is why I support the BJP. The BJP has done a remarkable job by bringing a law against triple talaq. It seems that other parties are just giving slogans for women empowerment and women safety, but only the BJP has proved it.”

Congress leader Maulana Tauqeer Raza Khan’s daughter-in-law Nida Khan (2nd left) joined BJP on January 30 along with other leaders from SP and Congress

Her father-in-law, Tauqeer Raza Khan, and his party lent their support to the Indian National Congress ahead of the assembly elections of Uttar Pradesh 2022.


  • Soon after her divorce, Nida Khan penned a letter to the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath, and in the letter, she requested him to nullify the triple talaq practice. She also stated in the letter that she did not believe in the instant divorce practise of Islam. Nida Khan was compelled to practise Nikah Halala soon after her instant divorce. In Nikah Halala, Nida Khan had to marry her father-in-law and brother-in-law and consummate this marriage so that she could remarry her former husband. However, she opposed practising the same and was thrown out of the house by her in-laws.
  • Nida Khan is an avid animal lover. Various print media houses spotted her with her pet during her court trials.

    Nida Khan with her pet

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