Nilam Hindocha (Mother of Anni Dewani) Age, Husband, Family, Biography & More

Nilam Hindocha is a Swedish woman who is known for being the mother of Anni Dewani who was murdered on her honeymoon in South Africa on 13 November 2010 when the taxi in which Anni and her husband Shrien Dewani were travelling was hijacked.


Nilam Hindocha was born in 1951 (age 70 years; as of 2021). She belongs to Uganda, East Africa.

Physical Appearance

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Black


Parents & Siblings

The information about her parents is not available on the internet.

Husband & Children

Nilam Hindocha is married to Vinod Hindocha. Vinod Hindocha is an electrical engineer in Sweden.

Anni Dewani with her parents – Vinod Hindocha and Nilam Hindocha

The couple parented their three children named Anish Hindocha, Ami Denborg, and Anni Dewani. Anni Dewani died on 13 November 2010.

Siblings of Anni Dewani

Early Years

Nilam Hindocha was from Uganda in East Africa. She married Vinod Hindocha and shifted to Sweden in the 1970s when the president of Uganda expelled the Asians from his country. In Sweden, she went to pick strawberries to earn and help her husband in pooling for common household expenses. Anni Dewani and her siblings were born and raised in Sweden. In 2006, Nilam caught uterus cancer. Anni looked after Nilam Hindocha during her hospitalisation and skipped a year after finishing her studies at the University. Nilam Hindocha was recovering from cancer when she heard the kidnapping and murder of her daughter, Anni Dewani.

Statements to Media During the Court Trails

Nilam Hindocha was advised by the physicians to take complete rest during the court trials of the Anni murder case. However, in some trials, she went to court where she heard that Shrien Dewani’s lawyer urged the judge to mercy Shrien as his health was not good. Nilam Hindocha stated in a conversation with a media house that what about the health of her family members who were bearing the pain of Anni’s death. She said,

Shrien’s lawyer is always saying, “his health, his health, his health”. Has she thought of our health?”

In 2013, the news floated through media houses that Shrien Dewani was suspected and arrested by the Capetown police authorities in the Anni Dewani murder case. Nilam stated in an interview with a media house that her family members were completely astonished on hearing such a statement by the South African police. Nilam added that she also heard about post-traumatic stress and depression that affected the health of Shrien who was admitted to a mental hospital. She felt sympathetic about him and stated,

I feel sorry for Shrien, He is my son-in-law and he is as ruined by this as we are. He is ill, and I have sympathy with him. His life is broken for ever. But he will get the chance to get better. What about my Anni? What about her life?”

Nilam Hindocha while speaking on her daughter’s murder

Nilam Hindocha further claimed that Shrien Dewani loved Anni a lot, and Nilam and his family members were not getting over the fact that Anni’s husband, who loved Anni, had killed her. Nilam said that Shrien Dewani was not attending his court trials in South Africa that kept the whole story behind the murder unclear. She stated,

I’ve lost my beautiful daughter. Unless he tells me the whole story –  this stress is killing me.”

In one of her statements to the media houses, Nilam Hindocha suspected the fact that Anni And Shrien went to such a secluded place in South Africa where nobody goes at night. She wondered that how Anni nodded to visit such an unsafe place in South Africa when Shrien was already aware that the Gugulethu area was not a good place to visit. She stated,

Shrien knew that area was not good. No one really goes there at night. They were staying in Cape Grace Hotel and she would have loved the nightlife around there. She would never have recommended they go to Gugulethu in the middle of the night.”

According to Nilam Hindocha, initially, Anni was not interested in Shrien Dewani. It was Shrien who came after her, chased her, and always used to call her. She described that Anni and Shrien met through their common friends in London, and Shrien impressed Anni by gifting her costly presents and flowers. She also narrated that Shrien proposed to Anni Dewani on a private jet to Paris. As per Nilam Hindocha, she was feeling uneasy on the day Anni Dewani died. Nilam stated in an interview with a media house that it was a mother’s instinct. She kept on calling Anni on that day, and on the other side, for the last time, Anni also told Nilam that she had so much to say but she would tell once back home. She said,

I had a feeling on the day she died – it was a mother’s instinct. I just kept telling myself, “Ring Anni.” It was an uneasy feeling. I called her and she said she had so much to say but that it could wait. That was the last time we spoke.”

Anni Dewani’s parents with the picture of Anni

According to Nilam Hindocha, Shrien called Vinod Hondocha over the phone on 13 November 2010 and told Vinod that Anni was kidnapped and attacked, and Shrien also kept on apologising for not taking care of our daughter. She said,

When Shrien called us in the early hours of the morning, after we’d learned Anni had been attacked, he was crying and kept saying, “I couldn’t take care of her, I’m sorry.”

Nilam Hindocha while praying on the place where Anni’s body was found


  • Once Nilam Hindocha explained about her daughter while tears in her eyes, She said,

    Every day I come into her room and look at the photos and think about her. She was a beautiful girl. I remember her smile, her eyes, her beautiful light brown eyes, her hair, the way she spoke. I remember everything about her. We think about her every day.”

    Anni Dewani’s picture with red flowers at her parents’ home in Sweden

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