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Suchithra Nair is a popular Indian TV actress, who is known for her work in the Malayalam television industry. She is also a trained classical dancer.


Suchithra Nair was born on Tuesday, 28 May 1996 (age 28 years; as of 2022) in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Her zodiac sign is Gemini. She did her schooling at St.Mary’s Increased Secondary School, Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Later she completed her higher studies from Mar Ivanios College, Trivandrum. In an interview, Suchithra revealed that she has been passionate about acting since childhood. She said,

I always loved to act. I requested my family friend who was in the TV industry at the age of 6 and he gave a chance to act in a small video. Later, when directors approached me to play a goddess on-screen, my parents couldn’t stop me even if they don’t support me to have a career in acting,”

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 5″

Weight (approx.): 65 kg

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Black

Body Measurements (approx.): 36-30-38

Suchithra Nair posing in front of flowers


Parents & Siblings

Her father, Vikraman Nair is a businessman and her mother Prasanna is a housewife. She has one elder brother, Sooraj, who assists his father in the business.

Suchithra with her family


In an episode of Bigg boss 4 (Malayalam), the actress disclosed about her relationship and the ugly breakup that followed it. She said,

It was during my initial days in acting, that he contacted me and expressed his love. He even shared his wish to marry me with my parents. Eventually, I also fell in love with him. It was a beautiful time indeed. Once, I shared my wish to go on a ride and he took me on a bike to Kollam. From there we watched the movie ‘Ennu Ninte Moitheen”

She added,

Everything went smooth, but slowly we started having issues. He started doubting me and insisted to stop my acting career. Hence, I realized that this will not work and we broke up,”


She took professional training in Mohiniyattam for nine years, which got her the opportunity to portray the role of goddess Durga in the Malayalam Serial Krishana Kripa Sagaram, which aired on Amrita TV. She was in the sixth standard at the time when she started acting in the serial. Later, she acted in various shows as a mythological character, which almost created a situation of typecasting for her.

Suchithra Nair as a goddess

She took a brave decision and chose a negative role in the show Kalyanasaugandhikam. She started getting noticed as a beautiful vamp by the audience. In an interview, she expressed,

I desperately wanted to do something different. So I shifted my focus onto family dramas. Durga represents power and my experience helped me too. Thus, playing a vamp was never tough,”

Following this, she grabbed the opportunity to play the antagonist character Padmini aka Pappi in ‘Vanambadi’ and emerged as one of the most crooked ‘Villathi’ or vamp on-screen. In an interview, she said,

I am fortunate to be blessed with so much love for my character. They hate Padmini for torturing Anu, but they shower so much love upon me, The secret behind the on-screen chemistry between Mohan and Padmini is the friendship we share off-screen. Every time the director says ‘Action’, Sai says, ‘Come, let’s fight’. And soon after the shot ends, we start pulling each other’s legs,”

However, for her, transitioning from the serenity of the goddess to the viciousness of the vamp wasn’t as easy. In an interview, she revealed the struggle behind switching between the drastic change in emotions and said,

There is nothing more to be done while acting as a goddess. The look is important. When started acting in Vanambadi, at first went up to 25 take. I was in Devi’s hangover for the first two or three schedules Roughness in the look. When look at him when he asks me to give him a look, the director says, “Goddess Goddess is coming That was slowly replaced Right now”

During the wind-up of the serial, she confirmed that she would take a break from acting to focus on her dance lessons. In an interview, she said,

I am not planning to commit to any serials soon. Due to the busy shooting schedules, I had to be away from my dancing stint. So, the first priority is my dance now. My teacher was eagerly waiting for the serial to end,”

Even after Vanambadi went off-air, Suchithra’s character Padmini remained popular among the fans.

Suchithra Nair lighting the lamp at a ceremony

She won a beauty contest conducted by Metro Manorama in 2018.

Suchithra Nair walking on the ramp

She made her debut in hosting with the show ‘Start Music’.

Suchithra Nair on the sets of Start Music

She entered Bigg Boss 4 (Malayalam) as a contestant in 2022.

Suchithra Nair in Bigg Boss 4

Awards, Honours, Achievements

  • Won the Best Actress in a Negative Role Award for Vanambadi as Padmini “Puppy” Mohankumar at the 11th Asianet Television Awards 2018
  • Nominated for the Best Actress in a Negative Role Award for Vanambadi as Padmini “Puppy” Mohankumar at the 10th Asianet television awards 2017 and at the 12th Asianet Television Awards 2019
  • Won the Best Actress Award for Vanambadi as Padmini “Puppy” Mohankumar at the 12th Asianet Television Awards 2019
  • Nominated for the Best Actress Award for Vanambadi as Padmini “Puppy” Mohankumar at the 10th Asianet television awards 2017
  • Nominated for the Popular Actress Award for Vanambadi as Padmini “Puppy” Mohankumar at the 11th Asianet Television Awards 2018 and at the 12th Asianet Television Awards 2019

The Charming Suchithra Nair at Asianet Television Awards 2019

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  • Reportedly, she was inspired by the Telugu actress Bhanupriya, which is why she started learning dance.
  • Suchithra is extremely passionate about dancing and calls it her ‘first love’. She took training for 9 years from the popular dancer Neena Prasad, who taught her the art of Mohiniyattam dance. In an interview, Nair revealed that her focus got averted from dance because of the acting projects that she pursued. She said,

    Dance is my biggest passion but now due to prolonged shoots, I’m not able to do programs and practise regularly. But, it is the dancer in me who makes Padmini powerful,”

    Suchithra Nair dancing

  • Suchithra is a fun-loving person and prefers to keep her workplace as homely as possible. In an interview, she said,

    I am the naughtiest in the team. I pinch Gouri, fight with the light boys and make funny comments between the shots. Team Vanambadi is more of a family to me,”

  • Suchithra is known for her glam fashion sense and her saree looks. She made ornaments and puff designed blouses a trend in Kerela. In an interview, she disclosed,

    Myself and my on-screen mother Pria Nair are very serious about our style. I adore her for the distinct styles she introduces each day, I spend almost Rs.20,000/- each month to buy ornaments for my character. I want to keep Padmini always special,”

    Suchithra Nair posing in a puff-sleeved saree

  • In a media interaction, Suchithra stated that she would want to marry a man like the lead character, Mohan Kumar, in her serial Vanambadi. She said,

    I will be more than happy if I can find a partner like Mohan Kumar. He loves his family and takes care of them. I also want a family man who takes care of my family as well,”

  • Suchithra revealed in an interview that although she had a passion for acting since childhood, initially, she did not know how to act. She said,

    I came to acting through dance. At first, did not know how to act. Went with acting passion and was put away from a lot of places. have heard many people say, ‘That kid doesn’t know how to act.”

  • Suchithra has a pet dog, Wiskii, which is a poodle.

    Suchithra Nair with her pet dog

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