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Talal Qureshi is a Pakistani musician, singer, record producer, songwriter, and DJ, who made his mark in electronic music.


Talal Qureshi was born on Saturday 2 April 1988 (age 33 years; as of 2022) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. His zodiac sign is Aries. Later, his family moved to Karachi, Pakistan. When Talal was eleven years old he found a video game music generator on PlayStation that impelled him to write music.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx): ‘5’9″

Eye Colour: Moss Green


Talal and his family before shifting to Karachi, Pakistan lived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Parents/ Siblings

In 2016, Talal lost his mother.

Talal Qureshi with his mother

Talal Qureshi has one sister.


When Talal was eleven years old, he used to play the guitar, make a pattern on a Casio keyboard this is how his interest in music increased. when Talal was thirteen years old, he started writing music. Talal released his first song “Phase Shift” in 2007. Talal released his first debut EP (extended play) titled ‘The Equator’ in 2012 and his second debut EP x1988 in 2013. In 2014, Quershi released the song “Too Much To Handle” and in the same year he released the remix of Pakistani musician and you tuber Taimoor Salahuddin’s song “Tasveer”.

In 2015, Talal Quershi along with Adil Omar, who is a rapper, record producer, singer and songwriter from Pakistan formed SNKM (Saturday Night Killing Machine), in which both the artists share the production, songwriting, and vocal duties. In 2015, Talal along with Adil made their first US debut at SXSM ( South by Southwest). Talal collaborated with many musicians and played in various shows, which he continued till 2018.

In 2016, Talal with Faris Shafi produced a rap song “Jawab De”.

Talal Qureshi’s song Jawab De

This rap song was about military overreach, religious fanaticism, and the consequences of violence against civilians, minorities and women in Pakistan. The release of this song resulted in many controversies.

In 2018, Talal released the song “AAG” along with a Punjabi folk singer Naseebo Lal. Quershi dedicated this song to his late mother.

In 2019, Talal with the California based singer Rehma released the song “Mad Calls”.

Quershi also released “Castle of Hybrid Senses” in 2019.

In 2020, Quershi released two EP’s “Acha Vol.1 and Vol.2.

In 2020, he released a “Constant Summer single” featuring Natasha Noorani.

In 2021, Talal Quershi released the first single off his debut album, a track called “PAISA” the music video of which was created by Arham Ikram and Rohany. In 2021, Talal collaborated with Rehman Ashfar aka Maanu for the song “5 am”. The song was written, composed and performed by Talal Qureshi and Maanu.

Talal produced a song “Sweetu” in 2021.

SWEETU with @hasanraheeem x @maanusmusic, directed by @chaiandkimchi https://t.co/xvnrdrczw3 pic.twitter.com/4zX7jjTbK2

— Talal Qureshi (@talalqureshi) June 23, 2021

In 2021, Talal released song Paisa.


Talal Qureshi was also a part of Coke Studio, where he performed with musicians like Atif Aslam and Faris Shafi

it’s chill pic.twitter.com/GNZSvjwVwu

— Talal Qureshi (@talalqureshi) October 27, 2021

Atif Aslam, Talal Qureshi, Faris Shafi For Pakistan @cokestudio https://t.co/ZCM4kM2Ahe

— Talal Qureshi (@talalqureshi) October 24, 2021


In 2016, Talal Quershi released a rap song “Jawab De”, which was about religious fanaticism, the violence against civilians and women in Pakistan. It was released in November 2016 on youtube, but later it was banned by YouTube Community Guidelines. This song was also censored on media.

Facts/ Trivia

  • In an interview, Talal said that his tracks are played on heavy rotation in the UK and in BBC Asian network and is also featured on radio stations in India, Finland, Austria, Iceland, Germany, Japan, and Belgium.
  • Talal being an electronic musician expressed his desire to build an electronic music industry in Pakistan.
  •  Talal himself organises most of his shows as according to Talal Sponsored shows hardly see the light of the day for an artist in a country like Pakistan.
  • Talal Quershi was said to be the sound of the future by Bobby Friction, who is an electronic DJ on East Village Radio and an inexhaustible list of BBC channels.
  • According to Talal, he enjoys experimenting with traditional sounds.
  • In an interview, Talal discussed the perception of the people that was the artist can only be creative if he takes drugs. According to Talal it’s not important for artists to take drugs or alcohol to become creative, therefore he quoted

    I’ve been doing music for 12 years and I’ve been doing it sober. There’s a lot of hash and weed that’s going around wherever I’m playing. I don’t know about any other drugs. And people tell producers to do acid or ecstasy just so they can start being creative, but I dont need hash or weed to make music.

  • According to Talal, he is not a party lover, whenever he is in Islamabad he attends the Pakistan DJ Network shows.
  • On discussing of the Pakistan music industry Quershi quoted

    The only problem with Pakistan’s music industry is that they want to serve the commercial masses, and the audience expects you to keep some things traditional; they want you to represent Pakistan. That’s all they ask for in the music. Pakistan’s more on the traditional side—they like the acoustic stuff, the folk stuff. Pakistani musicians like adding all the traditional instruments to every track. “We should add sarangi, we should add sitar, we should add flute, we should add…. [laughs] every single instrument.” I’m trying to change the whole scene here. I’ve been experimenting a lot, and I’ve been doing traditional music as well, with traditional instruments.

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