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Yukti Arora is an Indian dancer, choreographer, actor and YouTuber. She is famous for participating in two seasons of the reality TV show named, MTV Roadies. Yukti Arora, apart from her dancing skills, is well-known for her acting skills as well.


Yukti Arora was born on Monday, 30 September 1995 (age 26 years; as of 2022) in Delhi, India. She completed her formal education at Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce, in Delhi.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 2″

Weight (approx.): 65 kg

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Dark Brown

Body Measurements (approx.): 36-34-36


Parents & Siblings

Not much information is available about her father’s name or profession.

Yukti Arora with her father

Her mother’s name is Ritu Arora. She is a banker by profession.

Yukti Arora with her mother, Ritu Arora

Yukti Arora has a sister. Her name is Vrinda Arora. She is a dancer by profession.

Vrinda Arora, sister of Yukti Arora


Yukti Arora is unmarried.


Yukti Arora’s dancing career

Yukti Arora is a natural and talented dancer. Yukti as a college student participated in several national-level dance competitions. In 2015, she participated in a dance competition held at IIM-A. Yukti Arora along with her partner secured the second position in the competition.

Yukti Arora performing at IIM-A, along with her partner

In 2016, Yukti Arora participated in the Youth Nexus competition. The competition was won by Yukti Arora and her dance team.

A newspaper reporting on the Youth Nexus competition

Yukti Arora participated in the Big Dance Camp. The camp was organised in 2017.

Yukti Arora at Big Dance Camp

In 2017, Yukti Arora got a chance to perform with the renowned professional dancer, Kumari Suraj.

Yukti Arora with Kumari Suraj

In 2018, Yukti Arora participated in the Youth Dance Program Performance Eve.

Youth Dance Performance Eve placard

A talented choreographer

Yukti Arora is also an excellent choreographer. She, throughout her dancing career, has choreographed and been a part of several music videos. In 2018, Yukti Arora choreographed a music video titled, “Mere Naseeb Mein.”

Poster of Yukti’s choreographed dance video titled, Mere Nasib Me

In the same year, she choreographed a music video titled, “Sip Sip.” The video was produced by Jasmin Sandlas.

Yukti Arora in the Sip Sip dance video

In 2018, Yukti Arora choreographed another dance video titled, “Goriye Gully Boy.”

Poster of Goriye Gully Boy

Later in the same year, Yukti choreographed another dance video named, “Garmi Mein Chill.”

A poster of Garmi Mein Chill, choreographed by Yukti Arora

In 2019, Yukti Arora choreographed and performed in the music video, Hauli Hauli.

Yukti Arora while choreographing Hauli Hauli dance video

Yukti Arora choreographed another music video titled, “Sher Aya Sher”, in 2019.

Poster of Yukti’s choreographed dance video, Sher Aya Sher

A budding actor

Apart from dancing and choreographing, Yukti Arora is also a known face in the field of acting. She, throughout her acting career, has been a part of several popular YouTube videos; liked by her fans and followers. In 2018, Yukti Arora acted in “Jab We Met Wala Breakup.” The video was produced by a famous YouTube channel called, The Timeliners.

Yukti Arora in Jab We Met Wala Breakup

In 2019, Old Delhi Films presented her with an opportunity, to be a part of their YouTube skit titled, “What If Kabir Singh Was A Woman?” The video gained popularity and the video has gathered 7.7 million views.

Yukti Arora in What If Kabir Singh Was A Woman?

In 2019, Yukti Arora was a part of another comedy skit titled, “The Chalak Maid.”

Yukti Arora in The YouTube video, Chalak Maid

Yukti in 2019, was a part of another YouTube video titled, “Delhi Girls Behaving Like Delhi Guys On Roads.” The video was made by Old Delhi Films. The video, later on, became one of the most viewed videos on the channel.

Yukti Arora in When Girls Act Like Delhi Boys

In the same year, Yukti was featured in another popular YouTube video titled, “That Desperate Girlfriend.”

Yukti Arora in That Desperate Girlfriend

Later in 2019, Yukti Arora’s other video, “Brother Caught Sister With Her Boyfriend”, was released.

Yukti Arora in her YouTube video, Brother Caught Sister With Boyfriend

A rising YouTuber

Yukti Arora has a YouTube channel, which has around 55k subscribers (as of May 2022). On her YouTube channel, Yukti often posts her dancing videos. Apart from dancing videos, she also publishes skits in which she has acted.

Contesting in the MTV Roadies

Yukti Arora started her television career by participating in two seasons of the reality show, Roadies. In 2019, Yukti Arora participated in Roadies: Real Heroes (Season 16).

Yukti Arora in Roadies: Real Heroes

In 2022, Yukti Arora once again returned as a contestant in Roadies: Revolution (Season 18).

Yukti Arora as a participant in Roadies: Revolution


  • Yukti Arora began to follow her passion for dance and started learning dancing from a very young age.
  • Yukti Arora often conducts dance workshops. Till now, she has conducted workshops in different parts of the country.

    A poster from Yukti Arora’s dance workshop

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