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Ajmal Haqiqi is an Afghani model, fashion designer and YouTuber. In 2022, he came to the world’s attention after being accused and arrested by the Taliban’s Afghan General Directorate of Intelligence (GDI) for blasphemy.


Ajmal Haqiqi was born in Andar District, Ghazni Province, Afghanistan. He completed his primary education at Golkhaneh School and secondary education at Habibia High School, Home of Legends. After completing his intermediate, Ajmal Haqiqi earned his graduate degree in Fine Arts from the Kabul Institute of Fine Arts. Ajmal then went on to study Fashion Designing in India at AAFT School Of Fashion & Design.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 10″

Weight (approx.): 75 kg

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Dark Brown

Body Measurements (approx.): 40-32-15



Ajmal Haqiqi was born in a Muslim family.

Parents & Siblings

His father, Colonel Nader Khan is an ex-Afghan National Army Officer.

Ajmal Haqiqi with his father Colonel Nader Khan

Not much information is available about his mother’s name or profession. Ajmal Haqiqi has 3 brothers and 2 sisters. He is the youngest of them all.


Ajmal Haqiqi is unmarried.

Religion/Religious Views

Ajmal Haqiqi follows Islam.

Ajmal Haqiqi reciting Namaz


Ajmal Haqiqi started his modelling career when he was just 14 years old. He is the founder of Afghanistan’s first modelling agency named Haqiqi Fashion First Modeling Agency. As a model, he has participated in many modelling contests, all around the world. In 2020, he participated in a modelling contest, named Fashion Show Festival. The contest was held in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. He was among the participants from 16 different countries, who had participated in the show.

Ajmal Haqiqi in the fashion show which was held in Noida

In December 2020, he participated in a fashion show which was held in Uzbekistan. In the fashion show, he exhibited and represented Afghanistan’s Nazanin tribe’s traditional dresses.

Ajmal Haqiqi and his team during the fashion show in Uzbekistan

In the fashion shows, Ajmal Haqiqi represents his Afghani culture, as a result of which, he mostly dresses in the Afghani cultural attires.

Ajmal Haqiqi walking on a ramp during a fashion show in Afghanistan

As a celebrated Afghani model, Ajmal Haqiqi has appeared as a special guest on several Afghani national TV programs.

Ajmal Haqiqi on an Afghan National TV program

Throughout his modelling career, Ajmal has participated in several modelling contests held in India.

Ajmal Haqiqi taking a picture with an Indian model


Accused of blasphemy

In 2022, Ajmal Haqiqi and three of his friends were arrested by the Taliban-run General Directorate of Intelligence (GDI). They were accused 0f hurting the religious sentiments of the Afghan citizens. Ajmal Haqiqi and his friends, earlier, had posted a video of themselves, in which they were jokingly reciting the holy verses from the Quran. Although, the video was later taken down by the authorities and Ajmal Haqiqi and his friends apologised for unknowingly making fun of Quran.

Ajmal Haqiqi and his friends, in the custody of the Taliban

Car Collection

Ajmal Haqiqi owns a KIA Retona.

Ajmal Haqiqi sitting in front of his KIA Retona


  • Ajmal Haqiqi is a staunch supporter of good relations between India and Afghanistan.

    Ajmal Haqiqi, through his Instagram account, wishing PM Narendra Modi on his birthday

  • Since the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan in 2021, Ajmal Haqiqi, through his social media, has not only regularly voiced his opinions against the illegal occupation of the Taliban but also against the Taliban’s implementation of the Draconian laws.
  • In 2022, after Ajmal Haqiqi and his friends were arrested by the Taliban on the charges of Blasphemy, several well-known NGOs such as Amnesty International condemned the actions of the Taliban and demanded that the Taliban must release the prisoners immediately. The NGOs also stated that by arresting innocent civilians, the Taliban is trying to curb the freedom of Afghan nationals. In an officially released statement, Amnesty International stated,

    Restrictions to the right to freedom of expression must be clearly provided by law and be strictly necessary and proportionate to a legitimate aim. International human rights law does not permit restrictions of freedom of expression simply on the grounds it has the potential to offend or insult nor for the protection of religious beliefs or the religious sensibilities of their adherents. This incident is a classic example of how the Taliban is creating a climate of fear in Afghanistan by using arbitrary arrests and coercion to force people into silence.”

  • On 5 June 2022, the Taliban forced Ajmal Haqiqi and his friends to upload an apology video, in which they stated that they were ready to accept the punishment, which would be given to them by the Talibani court.
  • Ajmal Haqiqi is a fitness enthusiast and lays a huge emphasis on maintaining physical fitness.

    Ajmal Haqiqi exercising in the gym

  • Ajmal Haqiqi is a smoker. On several occasions, he has posted photographs of himself smoking on his social media.

    Ajmal Haqiqi smoking a cigarette

  • During Mohammad Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai’s government in Afghanistan, Ajmal Haqiqi was made the Cultural Ambassador of Afghanistan.
  • Apart from being a model, Ajmal Haqiqi is also a fashion designer. Till 2021, Ajmal Haqiqi has designed more than 1200 traditional Afghan dresses.
  • Ajmal Haqiqi is known for his generosity. He helps the poor and the needy in Afghanistan.

    A poor lady embracing Ajmal Haqiqi

  • Ajmal Haqiqi is also an avid pet lover. He has a German Shepherd as a pet.

    Ajmal Haqiqi with his German Shepherd

  • Ajmal Haqiqi passionately follows his hobby of horse riding.

    Ajmal Haqiqi riding a horse

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