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Chandrashekhar Guruji as a spiritual leader

Chandrashekhar Guruji was an Indian astrologist and humanitarian leader who is known for his YouTube channel ‘Saral Vastu’ on which he gave astrological advice on lifestyle. He was stabbed to death by two men at a private hotel in the Hubballi district of Karnataka on 5 July 2022.


Chandrashekhar Virupakshappa Angadi was born in Bagalkote district of Karnataka, India.

Childhood picture of Chandrashekhar Guruji

Childhood picture of Chandrashekhar Guruji

He earned a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. He also held a doctorate in architecture. Dedicated to serving his country since childhood, after completing his secondary school, he went through the army selection process but he was rejected during the physical examination for being underweight. In 1989, after completing his formal education, he moved to Mumbai, where he started his career as a civil engineer.

A picture of Chandrashekhar Guruji working as a civil engineer

A picture of Chandrashekhar Guruji working as a civil engineer

In 1998, he got cheated for Rs 15 lakh in business. Soon after, he again got cheated again for Rs 20 lakh. At that time, a compass and a house plan repeatedly started appearing in his dreams. A revelation struck him in 2000 and his intuition guided him to integrate architectural acumen and astrol0gy. Thereafter, he started observing the way the houses were built in relation to the life-related problems faced by the family members.


Parents & Siblings

His father’s name is Virupakshappa Angadi, and his mother, Neelamma Angadi. Not much is known about his brothers.

Chandrashekhar Guruji's parents

Chandrashekhar Guruji’s parents

Wife & Children

He was married.


Guruji started his career when he was appointed as an engineer in a construction company in Mumbai. Thereafter, he resigned from his job and started his own construction company.

Chandrashekhar Guruji in his office

Chandrashekhar Guruji in his office

Later, he became an astrologist. A well-known Vastu expert in Karnataka, Guruji often appeared on the Kannada TV channel Public TV and gave astrological advice related to architectural discipline on the show titled ‘Saral Vastu.’

Banner of the TV show Saral Vastu, telecast on Public TV

Banner of the TV show Saral Vastu, telecast on Public TV

In 2014, he started posting various videos featuring astrological advice on how to balance cosmic energy for growth and prosperity and to eliminate various life problems on his YouTube channel titled ‘Saral Vastu.’ He guided his followers on a wide variety of topics like business, new construction, education, career, wealth, marriage, relationships, and health. As of 2022, he had 12.9K followers on his channel. Apart from the channel, he had also launched a  mobile application of the same name. In 2002, he founded CG Parivar Private Limited. The CG Parivar Group is the parent company under which C G Parivar, ManavGuru, Saral Vaastu, and CG Parivar It Solutions Private Limited (CGPITS) operate. Other directors of the company are Mahantesh Basavaraj Komanur and Santosh Shivaputrappa Angadi. While Saral Vaastu and ManavGuru specialise in the field of Vaastu Shastra or Vaastu Science, CGPITS is an IT Solutions firm which provides services like consulting, digital marketing, and content development. Apart from India, ManavGuru’s branch offices are located in the USA, Singapore, and Canada.

A picture of Chandrashekhar Guruji with a client

A picture of Chandrashekhar Guruji with a client

On 19 January 2013, he became the director of A1 Polytrade & Mfg Private Limited, a manufacturer of rubber products. On 4 October 2012, he became the director of C Guruji Infrabuild Private Limited, which is involved in building construction. Apart from that, he is a designated director at CG Parivar Solutions LLP and an additional director at  C G Parivar Foundation And Research Centre. On 19 February 2016, launched a Kannada info-entertainment TV channel Sarala Jeevana, owned by CG Parivar Global Vision Private Limited, which telecasts non-fiction programs with a focus on mythology, history, travel and insights from Indian heritage & culture


Under ManavGuru, Guruji has initiated various philanthropic programmes like Jeevan Samasya Mukt Gram, Shikshan Samasya Mukt Gram, Samuhik Vivaah, and Prevention of Farmer Suicides. Under the Shikshan Samsya Mukt Gram programme, ManavGuru started a school for underprivileged students in 2018 in B. Shigigatti village of Kalghatgi taluk, in the Dharwad district of Karnataka. Samuhik Vivaah focused on organising mass marriage ceremonies for underprivileged sections of society. Prevention of Farmer Suicides aided distressed farmers. In 2015, ManavGuru adopted Godachi village in the Belagavi district of Karnataka after which it underwent a social and economical transformation. In August 2018, he launched the mass public movement ‘Saral Education Abhiyaan.’ Another movement launched by him is Manava Abhivruddhi Abhiyaan. He is a founding trustee of the Sharansankul Charitable Trust.


In 2019, Suresh Namdeo More a resident of Dnyaneshwar Nagar, Thane, Maharashtra, registered a complaint with the State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission against Chandrashekhar Angadi alleging that he sustained a huge loss due to Saral Vaastu services. The complainant claimed that he purchased astrological products worth Rs 10,000 which included crystals, a tortoise plate, pyramids, mirrors, etc. for prosperity and growth in spite of which his family suffered a serious accident, which result in the death of the complainant’s father. However, the redressal commission held that progress depends on the subjective satisfaction of the person which cannot be assessed. Therefore, Chandrashekhar Angadi was not entitled to pay any compensation to the complainant.


On 5 July 2022, at 12:23 pm, Chandrashekhar Guruji was stabbed to death by two men named Manjunath Marewad and Mahantesh Sirur at a private hotel in the Hubballi district of Karnataka. The horrifying CCTV footage which surfaced on the internet and media showed two men stabbing him repeatedly across his body in full public view at a private hotel in the Hubballi district, where he had come to attend the funeral rites of a child in his family. Apparently, the accused were posing as devotees while waiting for Chandrashekhar Guruji in the reception area. Both of them were residents of Dhumawad village in Kalghatgi taluk. As soon as Guruji settled in a chair, one of the men touched his feet seeking blessings, while the other started stabbing him with a knife which was concealed in a white cloth. Later, the body was sent to the KIMS Hospital for a post-mortem. In the aftermath of the murder, the culprits, who had fled the scene after committing the murder, were arrested in Ramdurg, Belagavi, Karnataka.

Speculations Behind the Murder

According to a source, Manjunath Marewad and Mahantesh Sirur were Guruji’s former employees at ‘Saral Vastu’ and had some financial issues with him. Previously, his employees had staged a dharna alleging he had not paid salaries for months. Another source revealed that Guruji had helped an employee named Vanajakshi to marry Mahantesh Shirur following which he had given them a flat to stay in. However, after Mahantesh quit his job, Guruji asked the couple to return the flat, which led to the conflict.


  • Dr Sri Chandrashekhar Guruji believed in the philosophy of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, which means that the entire universe is one family.
  • His devotees also referred to him as ManavGuru.


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