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Dave Rubin is an American political commentator, former comedian, talk show host, and YouTuber. He is famous for his talk show ‘The Rubin Report’ aired on BlazeTV and YouTube.


David Joshua Rubin was born on Saturday, June 26, 1976 (age 44 years; as in 2020), Brooklyn, New York. His zodiac sign is Cancer.

Dave Rubin as a Child

He spent his childhood in Syosset, Long Island, New York. He then moved to Upper West Side, Manhattan, New York, and lived there for thirteen years. He did his schooling from Syosset High School and gained a degree in political science from SUNY Binghamton, with an award-winning thesis on “Politics: Like the Giant Maid in Spaceballs, it both Sucks and Blows.” He also attended Ben Gurion University for a semester in college.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 6′

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Family & Ethnicity

He grew up in a secular Jewish household and describes himself as ‘absolutely Jewish.’ [1] He once identified himself as an agnostic or an atheist, but in December 2019, he confessed that he was no longer an atheist and was open to Christianity. [2] He has a brother, and a sister named Talev Lev.

Dave Rubin with his Family

Dave Rubin with his Siblings

Relationships and Husband

In 2006, he revealed that he was gay. [3] In December 2014, he got engaged to David Janet (an executive producer). They got married on August 27, 2015.

Dave Rubin with his Husband


As a Comedian

In 1998, Dave Rubin started his acting career by doing stand-up and open-mic shows in New York City. In 1999, he interned at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. In 2000, he worked at Comedy Cellar, a comedy club based in Manhattan, New York, and later that year, he joined other Comedy Cellar comedians to create a television series called The Anti-Show, a news program parody, which was secretly filmed at NBC Studios in 30 Rockefeller Plaza. In 2002, he co-founded several New York City-based comedy clubs such as Joe Franklin’s Comedy Club and The Comedy Company in Times Square where he continued to do stand-up till 2007.

Dave Rubin Doing Stand-Up

He also became the host of the podcasts Hot Gay Comics and The Ben and Dave Show, which became television series on Here TV. In May 2009, Rubin co-created and co-hosted the podcast ‘The Six Pack’ with Ben Harvey, a radio, television, and podcast personality in New York City. From October 2011 to December 2012, The Six Pack was broadcasted on Sirius XM Radio as a live talk show.

The Rubin Report

In September 2012, while being a part of ‘The Six Pack,’ he created his own YouTube channel and named it ‘The Rubin Report.’ In January 2013, Rubin joined ‘The Young Turks’ (American progressive news and opinion show) and hosted the show ‘The Rubin Report’ there. He then moved from New York City to Los Angeles, California. On March 1, 2015, The Young Turks announced that Rubin would be moving to the media company RYOT (an American immersive media company). Soon, Larry King’s Ora TV chose to air the show (The Rubin Report) which debuted on September 9, 2015.

Dave Rubin in Ora TV

He decided to run The Rubin Report independently and left Ora TV in 2016. By May 2019, The Rubin Report had 200 million views. In 2019, The Rubin Report became available on BlazeTV.

Dave Rubin Hosting The Rubin Report

The Rubin Report has an affiliation with the Institute for Humane Studies (IHS), a libertarian non-profit organization that engages with students and professors throughout the United States, which sponsors his show (an episode a month). Rubin decided to leave Patreon following Carl Benjamin’s (a YouTuber) ban from Patreon, which he considered an assault on free speech. Until late 2018, Rubin received his funding through his Patreon account in which Rubin said he received over $10,000 a month prior to deletion. Soon, he decided to launch his own free speech oriented crowdfunded site. In 2019, Rubin co-created Locals, a creator crowdfunding site with Scott Adams (a comic strip creator) and Michael Malice (a New York City-based author, anarchist, columnist, and media personality).

Locals Logo


In 2018, a report from Data & Society (a nonprofit research institute that studies the social implications of data-centric technologies & automation) stated Rubin as part of a YouTube network that amplified far-right politics. The report gave his interview with Stefan Molyneux (a Canadian far-right, white nationalist, white supremacist, former YouTuber, and podcaster) as an example to its statement; in the interview, Dave had asked Stefan to elaborate his views on races having different average IQ test results, and these differences were genetic. The report held that Dave did not challenge Molyneux in any substantial way, concluding, [4]

By letting him speak without providing a legitimate and robust counterargument, Rubin provides a free platform for white supremacist ideology on his channel.”


Favorite Things

  • Food: Spinach dip and Steak, Shakshouka
  • Dessert: Ice-cream
  • Comedian(s): Bill Cosby, Lary David, Jerry Seinfeld, Andy Kaufman, Johnny Carson
  • TV Show: Bill Cosby: Himself
  • Restaurant: Houston’s
  • Basketball Player: Clyde Drexler
  • Comic Book(s): The Joker, G.I. Joe, Wolverine, Rack of lamb, Chicken parmigiana
  • Book(s): ‘The Great Good Thing: A Secular Jew Comes to Faith in Christ’ by Andrew Klavan, ‘Still the Best Hope: Why the World Needs American Values to Triumph’ by Dennis Prager, ’12 Rules for Life’ by Jordan Peterson, ‘Discrimination and Disparities’ by Thomas Sowell, ‘The Moral Arc’ by Michael Shermer


  • In his free time, he likes traveling and reading books.
  • Dave describes himself as a ‘classical liberal’ for holding to more conservative and libertarian views than most modern liberals. [5] He has often been described as part of the intellectual dark web, a term used by an informal group to refer to themselves and other allied commentators who oppose what they believe to be the dominance of identity politics, political correctness, partisan politics, and the establishment in higher education and the news media.
  • He has often advocated for same-sex marriage, criminal justice reform, marijuana legalization, and an individual’s right to an abortion.
  • Dave has described progressivism (a political philosophy in support of social reform) as a ‘mental disorder.’
  • Rubin often appears as a speaker at events hosted by Turning Point USA, a conservative student organization.

    Dave Rubin at an Event at Turning Point USA

  • Initially, he wanted to be a professional basketball player. In 2011, he even took part in the NYC’s Gay Basketball League.

    Dave Rubin During NYC’s Gay Basketball League

  • In May 2018, John Stosell (TV personality) gifted one of his Emmy Awards to him to honor him for the work he has done.

    Dave Rubin Talking About John Stossel’s Present

  • He is friends with Jordan Peterson, a Canadian clinical psychologist and a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. He regards him as a friend and mentor and is often seen hanging out with him.

    Dave Rubin with Jordon Peterson

  • In 2019, he won the Gold Creator Award from YouTube for surpassing one million subscribers on his channel.

    Dave Rubin with his Gold Creator Award

  • In April 2020, Rubin’s book ‘Don’t Burn This Book’ was published by Sentinel.
  • He also has a clothing line, which merchandises tee-shirts, cap, sticker, and mug. The products are available at the e-commerce site Teespring.

    Dave Rubin Merch

  • He is an avid dog lover and has a dog named Clyde. He also has a dog named Emma.

    Dave Rubin with Clyde

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