Radhi Devlukia Shetty (Jay Shetty’s Wife) Age, Family, Biography & More

Roshni Devlukia Shetty is the wife of the vlogger and motivational speaker, Jay Shetty. She is a dietitian at Watford General Hospital. Let’s find out some interesting facts about Roshni Devlukia Shetty.


Roshni Devlukia Shetty was born on 30 July 1990 (age 31 years; as of 2021). She was a chubby girl in her childhood and was bullied for her weight throughout her school and college days. Upset with the comments she received on her looks, Roshni decided to bring a change in her physique. She started practising yoga and meditation and finally achieved good results.

Roshni Devlukia Shetty’s birth details

After completing her education, Roshni started working as a plant-based dietitian at Watford General Hospital, Hertfordshire, England. She has a keen interest in Ayurveda. She also has an interest in cooking and often experiments with new recipes.

Roshni Devlukia cooking

Devlukia is an ardent follower of Radhanath Swami. She wants to spread positivity and love throughout the world by sharing her spiritual knowledge.

Roshni Devlukia Shetty with Radhanath Swami

Physical Appearance

Roshni is around 5’ 7” tall and weighs around 55 kg. She has moss green eyes and black hair.

Family, Husband & Caste

Roshni Devlukia belongs to a Hindu Family. Not much is known about her parents. She has an elder sister, Deepa Devlukia.

Roshni Devlukia with her father

Roshni Devlukia with her mother

Roshni Devlukia with her sister, Deepa Devlukia

Roshni Devlukia with her grandmother

In April 2016, Roshni got married to Jay Shetty, a motivational speaker.

Roshni and Jay Shetty’s marriage photo

Roshni Devlukia Shetty with her husband, Jay Shetty


  • Roshni follows a vegetarian diet.

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  • Her hobbies are cooking, doing yoga, and travelling.
  • Her friends and family call her Radhi.
  • She considers her grandmother her role model.

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A life of devotion, living life according to deep spiritual wisdom, Simplicity in mind & heart. When you are able to match your words and actions to your inner thoughts and beliefs – it pours out into every interaction, evey moment every connection. My grandma, for me, has always been that guide and role model. No matter who she meets wherever i go everyone notices this glow, this determination to live with a higher spiritual consciousness, a life full of joyful devotion… and when she hugs you you feel that energy, that warmth that deep nourishing love and blessing. Her laugh has genuine joy – for all the small things in life. Her smile has appreciation for things we may not even think to say thank you for! She has learnt to be dependent on nobody for happiness – just inner fulfilment. Imagine that!! – yes she wants us around but i know she never NEEDS us to feel complete. No greed for more and more and more of anything – always giving more out than receiving – Just content. And how has she done this? Through FAITH- unwavering, unmotivated deep rooted faith in the Lord – That there is not and will never be anything more satisfying than these core spiritual practices! Rare and special souls to be cherished. The real definition of a GIRLBOSS!!! #spirituality #girlboss #meditation #thepowerofmantra #faith #realsuccess #livingright

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  • She is an avid animal lover.

    Roshni Devlukia- an animal lover


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