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Demet Özdemir is a Turkish dancer, actor, model, and comedian. She gained immense popularity with her role as Sanem Aydın in the Turkish TV series ‘Erkenci Kuş’ (2018).


Demet Özdemir was born on Wednesday, 26 February 1992 (age 30 years; as of 2022) in İzmit, Kocaeli, Turkey. Her zodiac sign is Pisces.

Demet Özdemir’s childhood picture

Due to her family’s poor financial condition, she had to drop out of school and continue her schooling in Evening High School. She then studied theatre for two years at Şahika Tekand – Studio Oyuncuları in Turkey. [1]

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 5″

Weight (approx.): 55 kg

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Body Measurements (approx.): 34-28-34


Demet was born in a family of Bulgarian Turks. [2]

Parents & Siblings

Her mother’s name is Sener Aysen. Her parents got divorced when she was around 7 years old. She has one elder brother, Volkan Ozdemir, and one elder sister, Derya Özdemir, who works as a model.

Demet Özdemir with her father

Demet Özdemir with her sister and mother

Demet Özdemir with her brother


She has been in news for her rumoured relationships with various Turkish celebrities including:

  • Lider Sahin (Turkish actor) [3]

    Demet Özdemir’s rumoured ex-boyfriend Lider Sahin

  • Furkan Palalı (Turkish actor) [4]

    Demet Özdemir and Furkan Palalı

  • Seçkin Ozdemir (Turkish actor) [5]

    Demet Özdemir and Seçkin Ozdemir

  • Efe Duru (Turkish businessman) [6]

    Demet Özdemir’s rumoured ex-boyfriend Efe Duru

  • Oguzhan Ozyakup (Turkish soccer player) [7]

    Demet Özdemir and Oguzhan Ozyakup

  • Ekin Mert Daymaz (Turkish actor) [8]

    Demet Özdemir and Ekin Mert Daymaz

  • Can Yaman (Turkish actor) [9]

    Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir

  • Kaan Yildirim (Turkish actor) [10]

    Demet Özdemir and Kaan Yildirim

  • Yusuf Çim (Turkish singer) [11]

    Demet Özdemir and Yusuf Çim

  • Oğuzhan Koç (Turkish singer) [12]

    Demet Özdemir and Oğuzhan Koç


Demet Özdemir’s autograph



Demet started her career as a backup dancer. Initially, she worked as a backup dancer for the Turkish singer Bengü, and in 2016, she appeared in the music video of the song ‘Hodri Meydan’ by Bengü.

A still of Demet Özdemir from Hodri Meydan

Later, she joined a dance group named ‘Efes Kızları.’ She has featured as a dancer in a few Turkish music videos such as ‘Ateş Et ve Unut’ (2009) by Mustafa Sandal. Demet has also worked as a dancer in the YouTube videos of Turkish dance groups ‘Garaj Dance Centre’ and ‘Elements of Dance.’



In 2012, she did her first TV commercial for Pegasus Hava Yolları (Pegasus Airlines).

Demet Özdemir in a commercial of Pegasus Hava Yolları

She was also featured in the commercial of a Turkish apparel brand Fresh Company Markasının Reklam Yüzü. She is the brand ambassador of the cosmetic brands Garnier (Turkey) and Pantene (Turkey).


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In 2013, she debuted as an actor in the Turkish TV series ‘Sana Bir Sır Vereceğim’ in which she played the role of Aylin Gündoğdu.

‘Sana Bir Sır Vereceğim’ TV series

Demet was then roped in various other Turkish TV series such as ‘Kurt Seyit ve Şura’ (2014), ‘Çilek Kokusu’ (2015), ‘Room Number: 309’ (2016), and ‘Tolgshow’ (2018; as a guest).

‘Çilek Kokusu’ (2015)

In 2018, she played the role of Sanem Aydin in the Turkish TV series ‘Erkenci Kuş’ with Can Yaman in the lead role. The series received a great response from the audience, and later, the series was dubbed in various languages including Hindi, English, and Tamil.

Demet Özdemir in Erkenci Kuş

Demet appeared in the TV series ‘Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir’ in 2019.

Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir (2019)


Apart from TV series, she has also appeared in Turkish films. In 2015, she played the role of Demet in her debut Turkish film ‘Tut Sözünü.’

Tut Sözünü film poster

Some of her other Turkish films are ‘Sen Kiminle Dans Ediyorsun’ (2017) and ‘Aşk Taktikleri’ (2022).

A still from Aşk Taktikleri’ (2022)


  • 2015: Fan Factor II 2nd Place Award
  • 2018: Butterfly Award for Best Romantic Comedy Woman for Erkenci Kuş
  • 2019: Best Actress Award at Murex d’Or in Lebanon

    Demet Özdemir on receiving Murex d’Or award


  • Film: Ghost (1990)
  • Disney Character: Moana


  • In an interview, Demet shared that her sister had gained popularity in the entertainment industry way before Demet. She said,

    Actually, my sister’s star rose first. Mehmet Ali noticed my sister in the audience and gave her a card saying ” Your face is beautiful, sign up with Neşe Erbek’s agency”. My sister got her first offer a week after she was signed to the agency. She listened to her and kept secret from my father to evaluate the offer. He jumped on the train and went to Istanbul, just like in Turkish movies.

    She further shared that her father was not happy with her sister’s decision to make a career in the entertainment industry. She said,

    My 19-year-old sister couldn’t even draw a pencil in her eye for fear of my father. Any kind of make-up was forbidden in our house anyway. Even though I was only 8-9 years old, I made my sister’s entire escape plan. I gave my mother the task of distracting my father. We’ve already gone through a lot of beatings. Especially my sister was more afraid of my father than me.

    She continued,

    I remember we hung our heads and waited in front of him. The blade was now on the bone. We took my father in front of us and talked, but the languages ​​we spilled didn’t work. ‘I don’t want to listen any more, get out of your room,’ he said. My sister and I locked ourselves in the room and cried for days. We finally persuaded my father to move, but he did not come with us. He got married right after we left. I also have to say that; Opening our way was the greatest favor he could do for us.”

  • During an interview, while talking about her family’s financial difficulties, she said,

    My sister had married a rich man, but that did not help us. We had to cut our own belly. One day our money ran out. We almost need a slice of bread. Sitting with my mother, we are brooding on what to do. I am 16 years old and suddenly decided to dance but I was short and weighed 63 kg. They told me I had to be 51-52 kilos or I couldn’t dance. I worked hard, ate only salad every day, did pilates and lost 11 kilos in a month.”

  • She has been featured on the cover of various fashion magazines such as All magazine, BeStyle, Elele.

    Demet Özdemir featured on the cover of BeStyle Magazine

  • She is an avid animal lover and owns a few pet dogs and pet cats.

    Demet Özdemir and her pet cat

  • She is often spotted drinking alcohol at parties and events.

    Demet Özdemir holding a glass of alcohol

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